Law & Accounting Firms

 James R. Mahurin, CPCU, ARM - Risk Management & Insurance Consulting - Law & Accounting FirmsA significant amount of my work originates from law firms, corporate attorneys, certified public accountants and chief financial officers seeking independent technical support regarding complex insurance issues.  These individuals are the source of many projects and project referrals.

I have performed litigation support and expert witness work since the US Supreme Court Daubert decision in 1993.  Between early 2006 and early 2012 I was heavily involved in litigation arising out of Hurricane Katrina, ultimately working for six (6) large New Orleans area law firms.  The Katrina litigation included insurance agent responsibilities, flood coverage issues, property coverage disputes and triple net property lease disputes.

Commercial General Liability (CGL) litigation has been an area with substantial litigation involvement.  In particular, disputes involving property damage to contractor’s work during the course of work, and damage arising from defects in completed construction, are common.   I have the 1956 and 1966 materials introducing the standard form versions of this coverage to the industry, complete with the teaching examples explaining the application of coverage.  In 1986 and 1987 I delivered the six (6) hour lecture introducing the 1986 CGL policy form in Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.  This seminar included the incorporation of Broad Form Property Damage (and other Broad Form Commercial General Liability Endorsement elements) into the new CGL policy with no loss of coverage to protect the insured.

The litigation work will approach eighty (80) cases with a mix of plaintiff/defense being approximately 50/50.