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 James R. Mahurin, CPCU, ARM - Risk Management & Insurance Consulting - For AttorneysWORK EXPERIENCE October 1984 to present

Self-employed Risk Management and Insurance consultant providing fee-for-service assistance to the insurance buyer. Perform risk management studies, independent evaluations of commercial insurance programs, conduct competitive proposal/bid process and self-insurance feasibility studies. Work experience includes projects in approximately twenty states.

Litigation support and expert witness services to law firms began following the Daubert decision in 1993. This work split is approximately fifty/fifty between plaintiff and defense. Litigation involvement includes agent custom and practice, flood (including both NFIP and private insurance), property, crime, liability, employee benefits, property leases, Broad Form Property Damage (BFPD), etc. The BFPD includes both course of construction and construction defects.

Clients include law firms, contractors, developers, commercial property owners, hospitals, financial institutions, colleges, , mines, jewelers, cities, counties, public authorities, airports, manufacturers, national labor unions, dredging operations, national issue advocacy organizations, investment management organizations, an interstate toll highway, petroleum dealers, oil field service contractors, maritime oil spill response organizations, utilities, destination hotels, truckers, large farms, a pollution remediation fund, etc.

August 1980 – 1984

Vice President & General Manager, Songer Insurance Agency, Beckley, WV. Responsible for agency operations and administration of mining accounts, including subsidiaries of Fortune 500 companies and multi-national steel consortiums.   Other firm accounts included heavy equipment manufacturing, banks, school boards and governmental entities.

April 1975 – August 1980

Commercial insurance sales, Kentucky and Louisiana. Commercial account sales for The Hopewell Company in Paris, KY (1979 – 1980) handling a variety of accounts. The agency was heavily involved in thoroughbred farms. Commercial account representative for J. Everett Eaves, Inc., New Orleans, LA (1975 – 1978)   J. Everett Eaves is a large commercial agency.

July 1973 – April 1975

Marketing Representative, Aetna Casualty & Surety Company, New Orleans, LA. Liaison for the Aetna branch office to 130 independent agencies in south Louisiana.


1975 – 1981 Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) A series of ten upper division undergraduate and graduate level courses and competitive examinations administered by the American Institute of Property & Underwriters, Malvern, PA.

1981 – 1982 Associate in Risk Management: A series of three graduate level courses and competitive examinations administered the Insurance Institute of America, Malvern, PA

Bachelor of Arts, Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, KY


Society of Risk Management Consultants (

Society of Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters (


Society of Risk Management Consultants – Board of Directors (three terms), Professional Practices Committee chair, Long Range Planning Committee chair, Outreach Committee chair, Secretary, President-Elect 2009 – 2010, Society President 2010 – 2011,

Society of Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters – CPCU Journal Advisory Board, Middle Tennessee Chapter board member, Middle Tennessee Chapter president, West Virginia Chapter president


Insurance Professionals: In Focus, 2008, Professional Liability Underwriter Society (PLUS).

Subject Matter Expert in the development of educational material addressing roles, functions, duties and responsibilities of Insurance Agents and Brokers as well as concepts of underwriting and application of Insurance Agents E & O coverage. The program also addressed risk management, claims management and current trends related to Insurance Agents E & O.

Insurance Requirements in Property Loan Agreements, January 2008, Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America Newsletter

This article addressed significant changes in insurance requirements in property loan agreements.

The Enemy Within: A Commentary on the Exploding Problem of Employee Theft

Mountain Plains Journal of Business & Economics, 2007, co-authored with Kenneth W. Hollman, PhD, CPCU, Robert D. Hayes, PhD, CPA

This article addresses the size and scope of employee theft, particularly among small business firms, with a focus on prevention.

Is Federal Flood Insurance Mandatory for Public Entities?   No It Isn’t, But Yes It Is.

Risk Management Quarterly, June 2000

This article addresses changes to the federal Stafford Disaster Relief Act and the impact on public entities as respects Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) disaster relief funds.

 State Funds in Transition: Models for Underground Storage Tank Assurance Funds

US Environmental Protection Agency, EPA 510-B-97-002, January 1997

A publication written by the EPA used an underground storage tank pollution remediation fund I designed in 1989 as a model for states with insolvent or financially troubled remediation funds.

Personal Risk Survey International Risk Management Institute, 1985

This survey provides tools to identify risk on complex personal accounts.



2/16/2011            Increase Debris Removal Limits on Property Policies

1/25/2012            Recognize Contractual Risk for Bond Issue Financed Projects

3/7/2012              Recognize Lender Risk as a Post Disaster Loss Problem

5/9/2012              Recognize the Severity of Your Flood Damage Risk

7/25/2012            Don’t Overlook Structures on Property Schedules

9/12/2012            Use Caution with Liability Disclosure Requirements

10/10/2012          Carefully Review Lessor Liability Coverage Requirements

10/24/2012          Don’t Overlook Self Insured Property Locations

1/23/2013            Be Aware of Substantial Damage Risk for Flood Zone Properties

3/20/2013            Carefully Review Renewal Continuity

6/12/2013            Carefully Review CGL Pollution Endorsements


Property in the Care of Others -Liability Problems and Property Remedies: A three hour seminar addressing complex issues created by property leases and property in the care, custody and control of another party. These issues are very complex and poorly understood within the insurance industry. The seminar identifies key problems and provides solutions. (CE approval in several states)

Property Leases & Insurance Problems:   A two hour seminar addressing a host of conflict between contractual obligations found in property leases and property/casualty insurance agreements. Delivered regionally and nationally in several venues. (CE approval in most states)

Major Losses and Business Failure – A two-hour seminar addressing the high incidence of business closures following significant (relative to assets & net worth) insurable losses. The program shows the high number of closures over time and provides remedies to address the problem.

Risk Management Strategies for Account Development – A three hour seminar initially prepared for the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA) national conference in New Orleans, LA. The program addresses tools to develop better information, identification and measurement of risk, the high frequency of business closures following significant losses and inadequate coverage. (CE approval in 50 states)

Risk Assessment: A two-hour seminar addressing risk assessment strategy. Seminar delivered to the Satellite Broadcast Communications Association National Conference in Las Vegas and Nashville.

Risk and Insurance Issues in Bond Issue Financed Projects: A one hour seminar addressing very complex, and invariably overlooked, risk and insurance issues unique to public and nonprofit entity facilities financed through bond issues. Delivered to Society of Risk Management Consultants 2004 fall conference in Toronto, Canada

Mall Leases and Insurance Risk A one-hour seminar prepared for Jewelers Mutual 1993 Leading Agents Conference in Lake Tahoe, NV

Risk Assessment for Jewelers:   A two hour seminar prepared for the 1993 annual conference of the Leading Jewelers Guild, St. Petersburg, FL

Pollution Risk for Petroleum Dealers:   A two hour seminar delivered to the Petroleum Marketers Annual Conference in Williamsburg, VA

Commercial General Liability:   A six hour seminar addressing the changes in the insurance industry policy form implemented in 1986. The seminar was delivered to insurance agents groups and insurance company personnel in PA, VA & WV.

Liability Limit Decisions: One of four speakers on the topic of liability limits decisions at the 2007 Middle Tennessee CPCU Chapter All Industry (I) Day

Public Entities: A two hour presentation on risk unique to governmental entities and public bodies delivered to Society of Risk Management Consultants 2009 spring conference in St. Louis, Missouri.

Insuring Public Entities – A Risk Management Approach:   A two hour Webinar for Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA) presented to a national audience September 28, 2011. The IIABA program was CE approved in most states.

Lessons Learned from Hurricane Katrina: A one hour seminar delivered to Middle Tennessee State University students and faculty March 2009.  The same seminar was delivered as one part of the Middle Tennessee Chapter I-Day program in 2009. CE approval in TN.

Flood: You’re All Wet: A flood risk seminar delivered in tandem with Robert Bernans, PE, of CORE Risk Services to the Society of Risk Management Consultants annual conference Las Vegas, NV, October 2012

Insurance and Indemnity Landmines in Real Property Leases: How Tenants Incur Six and Seven Figure Uninsured Liabilities: A one-hour seminar delivered to Middle Tennessee CPCU Chapter’s annual I-Day program March 19, 2013. CE approved in TN.

Commercial General Liability Coverage for Damage to Property in the Course of Work: A ninety minute seminar delivered to Middle Tennessee CPCU Chapter’s annual I-Day program April 2015. CE approval in TN.

The ISO CGL Property Damage Exclusions: A three hour Webinar for Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA) delivered May, 2015 with William C. Wilson, CPCU, ARM, Vice President of Education and Research for IIABA, and John Eubank, CPCU, ARM, President of Professional Insurance Education, Inc. CE approval in many states.

Mock Deposition: Panelist for a Mock Deposition for the Independent Insurance Agents of West Virginia annual conference October 20, 2015. Other panelists included Lee Murray Hall, JD, with Jenkins Fenstermaker, Kevin A. Nelson, JD with Dinsmore & Shohl, and James A. Williams of Westbanco Insurance Services.